Pricing Rules define rules on how you charge for a gift card and how your customer can redeem it. 

Each Gift Card is defined by one or more Pricing Rule associated with it. A Pricing Rule contains information regarding the pricing and rules, like expiration, etc.

Note: if you want to support pricing rules in ore more currencies, please make sure those currencies are defined before your create new pricing rule. Learn more about Currencies support on Omnibasis.

Once you create a Gift Card, you can manage Pricing Rules.

Navigate to the gift card you want to manage from 'omniCommerce \ Products', select Manage next the gift card from the drop down action menu.

Pricing Rule List

Select Pricing Rules section.

  • Click Create new pricing rule to create a new rule.
  • Select Edit from dropdown action menu next to the status on the list to edit an existing rule.

Create or Edit 

  1. Navigate to Rules section to manage gift card rules.
  2. Select Type: Giftcards.
  3. Set time the card expired if any after it is issued. Some counties do not allow expiration.
  4. Configure Redemption Code Length, default is 10 digits.
  5. If you want to limit your card redemption to in store only, select In store only. Customers will not be able to redeem the gift card for online purchase.
  6. If you want redemption codes in numbers and letters, turn off Generate automatically only with numbers.
  7. Enter Currency amount for the card purchase and select Currency.

Note: when gift card issues, the redemption code is a secret and only know to the customer. You can always resent the code if its lost.