A Digital Download is a like a ‘Product' which you do not ship, but deliver digitally via a link to download. It contains all the related pricing rules, specific promotions rules, and any media like images, videos, documents associated with the product. 

You can add digital download links to any existing product or create new, no limits. Your downloads are associated with a pricing rule. You can have as many files associated as you want. 

To create a or manage existing Digital Download product navigate to omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products and click Create to create new product. 

Configure Digital Product Description

  1. Navigate to Product section.
  2. Enter a Name.
  3. Optionally you can configure other product identifications, like SKU, Brand, unique identifier.
  4. Provide Short description about the product, it will appear on the product list.
  5. Provide an optional full product description. It will appear on the product details page.
  6. Enter an optional tax code if you want to match to a specific tax rate for this product and using one of the tax providers.
  7. Use Labels to help you group the product by different labels and search for products in your store.
  8. Use Search Optimization fields to make sure your digital product correctly appears in the search result.

Upload Product Images

Next step is to upload a product image to help to showcase your product.

  1. Navigate to Media Files section.
  2. Upload one or more images, videos, etc. These are shown on the product page of your online store. You can use media files to upload a sample of your digital download for example.

Digital Product Pricing and Download Files

Next step is to configure Digital Product Pricing Rules and upload download files.

Digital Download Preview

Once you completed with all the steps, go to Preview section to see how your digital download will appear in your store.