Pricing Rules defines rules on how you charge for a digital download and how your customer can access it. 

Each Digital Product is defined by one or more Pricing Rule associated with it. A Pricing Rule contains information regarding the pricing and rules, like expiration, number of downloads, etc. In addition, you can associate your download with a pricing rule.

Note: if you want to support pricing rules in ore more currencies, please make sure those currencies are defined before you create new pricing rule. Learn more about Currencies support on Omnibasis.

Once you create a Digital Download Product, you can manage Pricing Rules associated with that product.

Navigate to the digital download you want to manage from omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products, select Manage next the digital download from the drop down action menu.

Pricing Rule List

Navigate to Pricing Rules section.

  • Click Create new pricing rule to create a new rule.
  • Select Edit from dropdown action menu next to the status on the list to edit an existing rule.

Create or Edit 

  1. Use Configure section to give a custom name to a price or set a status.
  2. Navigate to Rules section to manage Pricing rules and downloads.
  3. Select Type: Digital Downloads.
  4. If you want your download link to expire, set time the download expire with Expire field. Some countries do not allow expiration.
  5. Configure Maximum number of downloads, if any. A download limit controls the number of times that a customer can download a digital product.
  6. If you select Email download link on order invoice, then the customer receives email with details on how to download the file.
  7. If you select Display download link on order invoice, then the customer sees a Download now link on the order confirmation page. 
  8. If you select Login is required to access downloads, then the customer is required to login to access downloads.
  9. Enter Currency amount for the digital download purchase and select Currency.

Note: when digital download is sold, the download link is a secret and only know to the customer. You can always resent the link if needed.

Upload or Select Digital Download Files

Navigate to Digital Downloads section in Pricing Rule to manage download files. You can upload a new file or select and existing uploads. Only secure uploads are allowed for distribution as digital downloads - it ensures that no one can distribute your download without authorization.

Upload New File

Click Upload, select a file type to upload and configure your file upload.

  1. Select File.
  2. Give friendly name and short description and click Save.

Select Existing File

Click Select, to select an existing file. Find a file you want and click the name or select it.