Once you create a Resource, you can manage resource Images, Videos, Audio files, and Documents.

Navigate to the resource you want to manage from omniBookings \ Manage Resources \ Resources, select Manage next to the resource from the drop down option menu.

Select Media Files section.

  • To select an existing image from your Library, click Select.
  • To upload a  new media file for this resource, click Upload.
  • Use Order column to change the order of the media files. When you change order number and leave the edit field, the order is updated.

Upload Media File

You can upload Image, Video, Audio, or Document file and associate it with a resource. 

  • Click Upload and select a type of file you want to upload.
  • You can use in place cropping to select a portion of the image. Click Save to upload the image.
  • To upload original image without cropping click Save Original.

Note: we recommend you always provide a name for the image to help SEO (search engine optimization) to discover your resources and services.

Mapping Media File to Variant

You can associate a specific media file to a variant. When variant is selected by a customer on details page, that media file will be selected as well. 

To map the media files, navigate to Media Files list and select Variant associated with a media file.