You can manage Bookings in a number of ways:

  • Using Calendar View
  • Using All Bookings List
  • Using Manage Resource

Using Calendar View

To manage bookings using Calendar View, navigate to 'omniBookings \ Calendar' and select a resource you want to see. 

Learn more about Calendar View.

Using All Bookings List

Navigate to 'omniBookings \ Manage Bookings \ Bookings' to see a list of all bookings. 

  1. Use filter to filter booking for specific Customer, Resource, Message sent, Dates.

Using Manage Resource

Navigate to 'omniBookings \ Manage Resources \ Resources' to see a list of all resources. 

  1. Select Manage from options menu next to the resource you want to use.
  2. Navigate to Bookings section.
  3. You can use filter to find specific booking or navigate the list.