In order to create a NFC enabled passes the following steps are required:

  1. An Apple Developer account that has been approved to issue NFC Pass Type Identifier Certificates - you can request NFC activation from the Apple Developer Portal.
  2. An Apple NFC Pass Type Identifier Certificate.
  3. A terminal or other hardware capable of reading Apple VAS and Google SmartTap Passes, together with compatible Point of Sale or other software to process the pass payload.

Apple care a great deal about the user experience.  Before granting NFC certificate access they will ensure that you have the necessary hardware, software and capabilities to develop or deploy an ecosystem that is going to deliver an experience consistent with their guidelines.  You should provide as much detail as possible in your request and we recommend that you also follow up with your regional Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Manager a few days after submission.

Creating Apple Credentials

Note: you need to create apple credentials with apple and have pfx file created. Learn more about Creating Apple Certificate and Credentials.

  1. Click Create in apple credentials choice.
  2. Give it descriptive Name.
  3. Enter pass identifier id from your Apple account.
  4. Enter team identifier from your Apple account.
  5. Unable NFC selection.
  6. Optionally you can provide public key from PFX file you created in base64 string format. Learn how to get public key in required format.
  7. Upload Apple Credentials Certificate created before.
  8. Upload Pfx Credentials file created before and provide optional password.

Creating Google Credentials