Rewards enrollment lets you create a pass that prompts the user to sign up for a rewards program. These passes are referred to as personalizable passes, because the user provides personal information during signup that is used to update the pass.

Note: Rewards enrollment is only available for NFC-enabled reward cards.

Personalizable passes can be distributed like any other pass. When the user installs a personalizable pass, it automatically triggers the following signup procedure:

  1. Wallet presents a signup form that describes the program, requests the user’s personal information, and presents the program’s terms and conditions.
  2. After the user completes the signup form, Wallet posts the user’s data and a personalization token to omniPass.
  3. omniPass creates an account for the user.
  4. omniPass signs the personalization token using the pass certificate, and returns the signed token.
  5. Wallet verifies the signed token. If the verification fails, Wallet sends a warning to omniPass logging endpoint.
  6. Wallet makes a get request for the personalized pass.
  7. omniPass creates and returns a personalized pass.
  8. Wallet removes the original, personalizable pass and installs the new personalized pass.

Note: Users can skip or cancel out of the signup procedure. If the signup procedure is not completed, the personalizable pass remains in Wallet, and Wallet adds a Sign Up button to the back of the pass. Users can tap that button to restart the signup procedure at any time.