Make sure you completed steps to obtain all required certificates.

You will need the follow information:

  1. Apple certificate your created and downloaded from 
  2. X509 pfx file certificate you created and password.
  3. Pass type identifier. 
  4. Team Identifier ID

Navigate to manage your Mobile Wallet Pass Definition to 'omniPass \ Wallet Pass Definitions' and select Manage next to the pass you want to configure.

Note: you need to create apple credentials with apple and have pfx file created. Learn more about Creating Apple Certificate and Credentials.

  1. Click Create in apple credentials choice.
  2. Give it descriptive Name.
  3. Enter pass identifier id from your Apple account.
  4. Enter team identifier from your Apple account.
  5. Upload Apple Credentials Certificate created before.
  6. Upload Pfx Credentials file created before and provide optional password.