Boost your viral presence and customer acquisition rates by encouraging customers to invite their friends to install your mobile wallet pass and then track their referral network.

You can configure how your customers can share you mobile wallet pass.

  1. Navigate to Wallet Pass Designer and select Share section.
  2. Share via email - allow user to send link to friends via email.
  3. Share - allow users to share pass from mobile device.
  4. Share on social media - allow users to share on social media, social media icons will be presented to user for sharing.
  5. You can choose what is shared: a link to get a new pass for friends or a link to an existing pass (i.e. you pass represent a coupon). Select Share view digital pass link instead of each customer creating their own to share view link pass.
  6. Custom share link - use it to override a default share link, and enter your custom url link.