Resource availability can be applied to all resources in general or to a specific resource. 

Setting your resource availability helps you manage and organize your resource and bookings so you don't have double booking or set them each time from scratch.

If you set resource availability in advance, you can also be sure that you will not get booked or set your appointments during your non-working hours.

Default Availability

Navigate to omniBookings \ Settings \ Availability to mange general availability across all of your resources. 

Default availability will be used for your resources, if no specific availability is configured. If you manage a lot of resources, you can save time and define a default availability.

Resource Availability

Navigate to omniBookings \ Manage Resources \ Resources to mange resource availability. 

  1. Select Manage next to the resource you want to manage from options menu.
  2. Navigate to Availability section.
  3. Click Create to add new availability or Edit to edit existing one.

Edit Availability

  1. Click Create from action menu to create new default availability.
  2. Set Status and Duration if any. Duration is used if you are setting periods of availability.
  3. Give it a descriptive Name.
  4. Choose Day. If your resource available every day, choose Every Day...
  5. Select time From and To
  6. Use Buffer Before and Buffer After to create buffer time between bookings. For example, if you need to prep for the meeting or need to clean the room between bookings.
  7. Set Visibility, in case your share this resource Calendar.
  8. Choose Foreground color and Background color to be used on the calendar for bookings with this availability.

Default Availability on Calendar

When you setup a resource availability, the calendar will grey out non-working times for that resource.