You can import products from excel or text file that is tab delimited in bulk.

Navigate to omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products and select Import from action menu at the top right corner.

You will be asked to choose the file.  Attached please find provided templates in Text and Excel files.

You can import the product  or an update an existing product.

Note: if product information already exist, you need to set update flag to true in import file to update the product.

Important Fields to Consider

When you upload user file, you can communicate to use a new login information via email or SMS.

  • Set UpdateProduct to true, to force an update to existing product, otherwise false
  • Set Status to 1 to set product Active, other 2 - not active
  • Set Category1 to assign category, or if one does exist, a new one will be created. Use Category2, CategoryN to add as many categories as you want, where N is incremental number for next category.
  • Use VariantName1 to define a first variant for the product. User VariantOptions1 to configure variants for VariantName1
  • If you want to add more variants, keep adding VariantName2 with VariantOptions2, and VariantNameN with VariantOptionsN, where N is incremental number for next variant
  • Use PriceName1 to add prices, leave field empty if you do not want to name price.  Use PriceType1 to set price type:
    • 1 - Purchase
    • 2 - Subscription
    • 3 - Usage-Based / Metered - pay later
    • 4 - Usage-Based / Metered - pay upfront
    • 5 - Giftcards
    • 6 - Digital Downloads
  • Use PriceCurrencyValue1 to set the price in currency
  • Use PriceCurrency1 to set the currency for that price
  • Use SKU to assign identifier to the product
  • Use PriceTax1 and set to true if you want to collect taxes
  • Use PricePercentTax1 and set the tax you want to collect on the purchase
  • Use InventoryQty1 to set inventory for variant 1
  • Set UpdateImage to true if you want to erase all existing images and replace them with images in the file
  • Image1, Image2, ImageN are image links that will be used for images during import.

Note: for the fields that end in number, you can provide multiples, , where N is incremental number for next field type

If you have any custom fields, you can use custom fields key as a column name. For example, use job-title to import product job title.