Product Inventory helps you to manage your in stock items, re-order points and locations by warehouse.

Inventory tracking automatically keeps track of the inventory level of each product and variant that you carry.

Navigate to manage an inventory for the product by going to 'omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products'.

  1. Select Manage in options next to the product you want to manage.
  2. Navigate to Inventory section.
  3. If no inventory is created, create your product inventory.
  4. Select Variants, if any for this inventory levels
  5. Select Continue selling when out of stock  to continue to display this product in the catalog even if its sold out.
  6. Set the inventory Quantity.
  7. Optionally configure reorder point, at which you will get notification about low inventory.

Inventory Ledger Transactions

Navigate to Ledger Transaction section to automatically keep a ledger transactions for your inventory sales.

Select a ledger account to connect to. When product will be sold, you will see an entry in that account.

Inventory History

Navigate to inventory history to manage changes to inventory.

  1. Click Change to manually make changes.
  2. Enter inventory changes details and click Save.