Anything that can be scheduled is a resource. Your personal calendar, your meeting rooms, your fitness classes, your vacation rental property. 

Omnibasis lets you book your resources online and helps you organize your business better, while being the place where you manage appointments with your customers or take online reservations for your property. 

Each resource has the following features:

  • Detail description and its own listing, that can be published on a specific page or part of the catalog
  • Media files: images, videos, audio files that visually present the resource.
  • It can be shared on social media or via email and sms
  • It can be reviewed
  • It can be booked via a simple one step booking or part of an order checkout processes
  • It can be tracked on Blockchain

Resource can be combined into one booking. For example, if you are running a sales meeting, and need multiple people involved and a meeting room, those are all resources that can be combined into one booking.