Connecting to Calendar with iCal support

If you list your space on other websites, you can prevent multiple guests from booking the same dates by syncing your other channels calendar with your calendar on omniBookings. You can only sync your calendars up to one year in the future. 

Navigate to omniBookings \ Booking Channels \ Booking Providers to manage and configure reservation channels.

  1. Click Create to create a new booking provider.
  2. Select Type iCal.
  3. Name your calendar.
  4. Enter external Calendar Url
  5. Select a Resource associated with this calendar.
  6. Turn on Automatically synchronize reservations to sync once an hour.
  7. Some channel providers do not generate unique id. If you notice duplicate bookings imported, turn on Date Range option.

Note: Calendar Url will be validated for accessibility. If not available, you cannot add iCal import.