A Pricing Rule defines the rules on how you charge for a specific resource. Each Resource is defined by one or more Pricing Rules associated with it, as the Pricing Rule contains information regarding the pricing. Resource pricing is optional. Resources without pricing will be booked with no order or invoice generated.

Note: if you want to support pricing rules in ore more currencies, please make sure those currencies are defined before your create new pricing rule. Learn more about Currencies support on Omnibasis.

Once you create a Resource, you can manage resource Pricing Rules.

Navigate to the resource you want to manage from omniBookings \ Manage Resources \ Resources, select Manage next the resource from the drop down option menu.

Select Pricing Rules section.

  • Click Create new pricing rule to create a new rule.
  • Select Edit from dropdown action menu next to the status on the list to edit an existing rule.

Configure Pricing Rule

Use Configure section to give pricing rule an optional name, an optional short code and description.

  1. Select Require approval  to require admin approval for any order placed with this rule.
  2. You can setup Start date and End date to limit the duration of this rule.

Edit Pricing Rules

Navigate to Rules section to edit pricing rules.

 There are various types of Rules:

  1. Booking - use with resources to charge for bookings. This a default rule for resources.
  2. Purchase - for one time product purchase.
  3. Subscription - for recurring subscriptions.
  4. Usage-based or Metered - pay later on recurring basis.
  5. Usage-based or Metered - pay upfront till balance is 0.
  6. Giftcards - for selling giftcards
  7. Digital download - for selling digital goods

Depending on the selected pricing rule, you can configure various rules parameters.

For all Pricing Rules, you can specify:

  • Start date and End date when this pricing rule is in effect.
  • Select Taxable to collect tax on this purchase.
  • Select Hide from user to hide this pricing rule from user on any hosted pages.