Navigate to Pricing Rule section Rules and select type Booking. It is also a default rule selected for your resource pricing.

With Booking, configure what you plan to charge for it in a currency or points. If currency amount is specified, you need to select the Currency.

Note: You can configure one or more pricing rules with different currencies, allow your customers to choose which currency they want to pay in.

  1. Enter Currency amount,  what the currency amount you will charge in given Currency.  Choose a currency that the rule will be billed in. If you do not see the desired currency listed, you may need to add a new currency. Note: You can only have one currency defined for each pricing rule. If you wish to support multiple currencies for a resource, you must create separate pricing rule for each currency.
  2. Use Compare at price to draw comparison. This price will be strike out on details.
  3. Enter optional Setup fee amount. Using Setup Fee Amount you can add a one-time setup fee that is charged only with the invoice. Example: $10 fee to setup new account.
  4. Enter optional Point amount. The amount in points for the rule. You may choose not use currency, but a point system. For example, Omnibasis is using points for our billing. 
  5. If you want to auto remove a booking if not paid with a certain timeframe, enter the period in Booking canceled if payment is not completed. For example, 10 minutes, means if booking is not paid for in 10 minutes it will be deleted.
  6. If you want to impose cancellation restriction, use Cancel Free period to setup when customer can cancel without a penalty.
  7. If you want to collect a payment upfront before booking is confirm, turn on Upfront payment, otherwise invoice is generated and your customer can pay at anytime later.
  8. Enter Quantity. Default quantity is 1. You can use this field to create tiered pricing structure. For example, for a quantity of 10, the price is $100 each, when booked 20 nights, the price is $80.
  9. Select Taxable to collect tax on this booking.
  10. Select Hide from user to hide this pricing rule from user on any hosted pages.