You can power up your Bookings website and make easy and powerful with Mobile Wallet.

Enable users to save their booking confirmation, loyalty card updates, special offers, or gift cards on their Mobile Phones for immediate access to rewards and purchase history, plus send push notifications and reminders to maximize engagement.

  • Offer attractive coupons and update the content anytime
  • Create and distribute gift cards
  • Distribute mobile booking updates and notification

Configure Mobile Wallet Pass Mapping

Navigate to omniBookings \ Settings \ Settings  and select omniPass section.

  1. Select an existing wallet pass design.
  2. Map booking fields with fields on your wallet pass.

Customer Mobile Wallet Pass 

When booking is completed, a customer will receive an email with a link to create a mobile pass. Customer also can click a link on Booking confirmation.

Customer Downloads and Install Mobile Wallet Pass

Once Mobile Wallet Pass is created, customer can download to their phone.