You can override tax rate for a specific locations to control how much tax you charge for a particular product or location, and to handle exceptions and exemptions. You can also specify unique tax rates for shipping destinations or to tax-exempt customers.

For example, you can specify overrides for:

  • state tax exemptions in the United States
  • provincial tax exemptions in Canada
  • VAT exemptions in the United Kingdom

Specific Location Override

You might want to override a specific location for taxes. For example, we do not want to charge any taxes in San Diego, 92101 area code.

  1. Create a new tax rule.
  2. Choose manual tax provider or leave it blank. 
  3. Give it a name.
  4. Select an exact location you want to override.
  5. Set rate you want to charge, in our example we set it to 0.

Specific Product Tax Override

To manage product tax navigate to omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products and click Manage in the option menu next to the product you want to manage.

  1. Select Pricing Rules section.
  2. Select an existing Pricing Rule and click Edit.
  3. Select Rules section.
  4. Turn on Taxable and enter override rate. Setting rate to 0 will make that product not taxable.