Tax rates are what you charge your customer in addition to the cost of the products or services that they order. The cost of any tax rates are added to a customer's order at checkout and calculated based on your tax location or customer address.

You can use default Omnibasis Shipping Rates or integration with a tax provider. You can choose not to collect taxes. Or you can setup taxes on a specific product level. Your choice. Omnibasis is very flexible.

Navigate to omniCommerce \ Commerce Settings \ Taxes \ Tax Rates and click Create from action menu. 

  1. Select Tax Provider, if any.  In example, we use Omnibasis default rates provider, which we created before.
  2. Give it a Name.
  3. Select Country, City, Region, Zip Code / Postal Code. You can select All to apply to all destinations. In our example, we selected United States - which means we will use Omnibasis default rates for US.

Specific Location Override

You might want to override a specific location for taxes. For example, we do not want to charge any taxes in San Diego, 92101 area code.

  1. Create a new tax rule.
  2. Choose manual tax provider or leave it blank. 
  3. Give it a name.
  4. Select an exact location you want to override.
  5. Set rate you want to charge, in our example we set it to 0.