You and your customers are always in charge of the consent life cycle.  Omnibasis provides a number of tools to help you to manage consent life cycle. For example, you can set expiration time for the consent. A few days before consent expires, Omnibasis will send  auto renew notice to your user with a convenient link to renew their consent.

Manager user consent using User Interface

You can manage all user consent under omniTrust \ Consent \ User Consents or visit individual user and open details to view consent for that user.

  1. Click on username to navigate to manage that user.
  2. Select option dropdown to view the details record or delete this consent.
  3. You can option dropdown to modify user consent: withdraw, renew, expire.

View User Consent Details

Select View next to the consent record to see details.

Consent Blockchain Transactions

If you elected to track user consent on Blockchain, you can see all the verification transactions. Select Blockchain transactions section.

Manage specific user consent

  1. Find specific user in omniSite \ Users
  2. Select Edit user.
  3. Navigate to Consent section.