Navigate to omniTrust \ Processing Activity  to create and manage your processing activity.

If you do not have an existing record configured, click Create or select Edit to manage existing processing activity.


Navigate to Activity section.

  1. Set Status.
  2. Give it a descriptive Name.
  3. Describe your data collection policy in Description.
  4. You can override description with Link to description.
  5. Choose Dpo contact (Data Processing Office). 


Navigate to Usage section.

  1. Describe what data is Used for.
  2. Describe any Third party use of data.
  3. Outline Security measures you have taken to safeguard customer data.


Navigate to Length section.

Enter a default number for this activity to last. Leave it empty if there are no limits.


Navigate to Reference section.

  1. Use Version to track versions of activities.
  2. Use Badges to help you to group together.
  3. Enter Internal Note to clarify details.