Anything that can be published as a content is a collection. Your business or personal blog, your article, your video, your audio, your podcast. You can turn collection into the group where your users and customers collaborate and discuss topics. Anything is possible with collections, create world class digital content experience.

Omnibasis lets you publish your content online and helps you promote your business better, while being the place where you manage your content and connect with your customers. 

Each collection has the following features:

  • Detail description and optional list of content, that can be published on a specific page or part of the catalog.
  • Media files: images, videos, audio files that visually present the collection.
  • Membership management, that allows you to control access and security to create, edit, and view content.
  • E-commerce integration that allows you to monetize your content and charging to access it with one-time purchase or subscription.
  • It can be shared on social media or via email and sms.
  • It can be reviewed.
  • It can be purchased or subscribed via a simple order checkout processes.
  • It can be tracked on Blockchain.