A Collection is used for describing anything the can be published and viewed, watched, listened or read by a customer. It contains all the related content, pricing rules, specific promotions rules, and any media like images, videos, documents associated with the collection. Anything that can be published can be part of a collection. Your business or personal blog, your article, your video, your audio, your podcast. You can turn collection into the group where your users and customers collaborate and discuss topics. Anything is possible with collections, create world class digital content experience. 

Each Collection may have an optional Pricing Rule in case you charge for an access, so you can define the base cost. Details such as base pricing, payment terms are inherited from the Pricing Rule when Order is created but can be overridden at the individual Order-level. 

To create a collection navigate to omniContent \ Collections and click Create in the action menu at the top right corner. 

  1. Set Status to active.
  2. Select Type of a collection, Text, Video, Audio, or Mix. Type helps to filter for a specific type of content.
  3. Optionally you can configure collection identifications using Identifier.
  4. Enter a Title for this collection.
  5. Select Language that identifies a primary language for a collection.
  6. If you want to use an existing RSS feed as a basis for a collection, enter RSS Feed and click Import to import all the fields.
  7. Enter a Short description about the collection.
  8. Enter a full Description, it will appear in detailed view for this collection.
  9. Use Labels to help you group the collection by different labels and search for collection on your site.
  10. Click Create button to create collection.

Search Optimization

You can edit the way that a collection appears in search results on the collection's details page. If you do not enter any information, a default collection name and short description will be used.

  1. In the Title, enter a descriptive title. This title will display as a link in search engine results. You can enter up to 256 characters in the title.
  2. In the URL, you can edit the web address. In most cases, you won't need to make changes to the web address. If you do make changes, then make sure that you set up URL redirects if you used it anywhere with omniSite. Note: The URL is automatically generated when you create a collection title. You can edit the url to make it match your               collection title.
  3. Enter a Description for the search engine listing. Make sure to include relevant keywords to help new customers find your link, and to include your business name. You can enter up to 4000 characters in the description.
  4. Enter relevant Keywords. Keywords appear in search queries that people enter in search engines. For example, a person might search for dolphin life. The keywords in this search would be dolphin life. To make your collections appear higher in search results, you should try to find out which keywords your customers might use to find your collections, and add those keywords here.

Blockchain Integration

You can connect your Collection content to Blockchain to track changes. Learn more about blockchain integration.