Cloud Storage allows world-wide storage and retrieval of any amount of data at any time. You can use Cloud Storage for a range of scenarios including serving website content, storing data for archival and disaster recovery, or distributing large data objects to users via direct download.  Learn more

Here are the steps to connect Omnibasis to Google Cloud Storage:

  1. Create Google Cloud Account and Cloud Project
  2. Configure Cloud Storage Bucket.
  3. Create Service Account Authorization.

Setup Google Cloud Account and Cloud Project

If you don’t have a Google Cloud account, go to Google Cloud web site and click Get started for free button..

Login into your account and navigate to your existing project or create a new one from Google Cloud Console.

  1. Give your project a name and then click Create.
  2. Next, we will create a bucket to store our images.

Configure Cloud Storage Bucket

Write Storage in the search box and then click Storage.

Click Create Bucket on the next screen. Then,

  1. give a unique name for your bucket,
  2. choose Standard for Storage class,
  3. choose a suitable Location for you,
  4. choose how to control access to objects: Fine-grained 
  5. click Create.

After the creation is completed, we will see our bucket as follows:

Validate Permission, that they are set to Fine-grained: Object-level ACLs enabled 

Create Service Account Authorization

Now, we will set up a service account and download credentials to connect Omnibasis to Google Cloud Storage.

Enter APIs & Services in the search box of the cloud console. Then,

  1. click Credentials on the left pane,
  2. click Create credentials,
  3. select Service account key.

Configure Service Account Access to Project

You want to make sure you find Storage Object Admin role and grant that role to this project.

A new service account is created. Learn more.

Download Security Keys file.

Find Manage Service Accounts link and select it.

Next to service account crated, select Action and choose Create key. Choose JSON format.

After this operation, a new JSON file is created and we download this file to our computer to use to configure storage provider.

Configure Google Storage Provider

Navigate to omniSite \ Storage Providers to manage and configure storage providers.

  • Click Create from action menu at the top right corner to configure new storage provider.
  • Click options dropdown and Edit to manage existing storage provider.


  1. Set Status to Active.
  2. Select Default if you want this storage provider to be used by default for all uploads.
  3. Select Type of your storage provider.
  4. Give it a Name.
  5. Name a Bucket to use for storage.
  6. Click Create to create new Google Credentials.

Create Credentials

Using JSON file provided by Google and API information create credential entry.  You can find ID and Email address on details for Service Account.

  1. Enter information required. 
  2. Upload JSON file
  3. Click Save.

Congratulations, if you configured all correctly, on Save, your storage provider will