Omnibasis offers a multi storage capabilities, where you choose where you want to store files you upload. If you do not create any storage provider, your files will be store on Omnibasis servers in multiple locations and served via CDN (content delivery network) distributed across the globe.

You can override storage for some or all files.

Navigate to omniSite \ Storage Providers to manage and configure storage providers.

  1. Click Create from action menu at the top right corner to configure new storage provider.
  2. Click options dropdown and Edit to manage existing storage provider.

Edit Storage Provider

  1. Set Status to Active.
  2. Select Default if you want this storage provider to be used by default for all uploads.
  3. Select Type of your storage provider.
  4. Give it a Name.
  5. Name a Bucket to use for storage.
  6. Depending on a storage provider, you will be asked to provide credentials. In  case of Google Cloud example below, you need to configure google credentials.