You have all the tools and technologies you need to track and manage your Non-Fungible Token (NFT)  on Omnibasis.

Navigate to omniChain \ Assets  to find your NFT records and information.  Select your NFT asset definition from the top left corner. 

Your NFT is stored on the blockchain, and all transactions associated with the NFT will be reflected on the blockchain ledger. For example, when you sell your NFT and transfer token to another user, or when that user will transfer the token to someone else.

Blockchain Verification of NFT

Click Blockchain asset to see the Blockchain record for the digital asset.

  1. First NFT transaction is always CREATE.
  2. Amount of NFT is show in output under amount, which is 1 in our example. If you created NFT with quantity more then 1, it will be show that quantity. 

Last Transaction On NFT

Click Last transaction to see the last blockchain transaction on the NFT asset account.

NFT Transaction History

If you transfer some NFT tokens to another user, the blockchain creates sub-asset, and tracks all transactions related to that sub-asset with that sub-asset. You can always see all transactions for your NFT on Blockchain from detailed view of the NFT. Click options drop-down and select Transaction history.