Now that you have a Non-Fungible Token with an initial supply of tokens, you can transfer tokens to an unlimited number of users or customers. 

If you choose to charge for your NFT, you can use Omnibasis platform to collect payment. 

Product based NFT

To learn how to collect payment for Product visit omniCommerce help.

Here is an example of NFT product on the website page.

Resource based NFT

To learn how to create a new Resource visit omniBookings help.

Note: since you are selling resource and not booking. Make sure when resource is created you configure Purchase price for your resource.

Collection based NFT

To learn how to create a new Collection visit omniContent help.

Purchase Workflow

If you are selling your NFT on Omnibasis it will be a part of payment workflow you defined. For example, you can use Omnibasis checkout to collect a payment.

Once customer completes a checkout, NFT will be transferred to that customer. You can configure order approval in the workflow to control the transfer. If your NFT requires paraphrase for blockchain transactions, a transfer record is not completed until you enter that paraphrase.

NFT Transfer

Once a purchase is completed you can view NFT transfers in omniCommerce order details or from the asset transaction list.

To transfer NFT using omniChain asset list, follow steps below:

  1. Navigate to omniChain \ Assets and select your asset from the drop down in the top left corner. 
  2. Select option menu next to the transaction which is pending and click Complete Transfer.
  3. You will be asked to provide your paraphrase.

To transfer NFT using omniCommerce order, follow steps below:

  1. Navigate to omniCommerce \ Manage Orders \ Orders. 
  2. Select option menu next to the order and click Manage.
  3. Navigate to Assets section in order details.
  4. Click Complete Transfer to complete asset transfer. 
  5. Transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

NFT Transfer Record

Once NFT Transfer is completed, a blockchain record reflecting a transfer is created. In addition, User will be able to access their new asset from the order invoice or from their list of assets under My Account \ My Assets.