Distribute your ID cards via mobile phones to your customer with no application to install.

omniPass is used to distribute employee ID cards and membership cards with a click of a button.

Simply connect omniCustomers to your mobile wallet design and send me a link to download the pass.

You can use can integrate omniCustomers and omniPass products to create Mobile Wallet ID cards for your customers which can be installed on any mobile device with one click.

omniPass is a mobile wallet platform to engage with your customers on the go. You can create and manage Apple Wallet passes and Google Pay passes with dynamic updates and lock screen notifications.

Once integrated, you can easily manage thousands of individual digital IDs without having to update them one by one. All changes to the customer records are applied to all individual digital IDs installed on customer mobile devices. With our auto-push notification system Omnibasis ensures that all passes get a notification if the pass needs to be updated.

Learn step by step details of the integration.