omniCustomers CRM solution provides a flexible way for you to manage your customer data.  If there is a customer data that you capture and we do not have a field for it, you can configure it via Customer Custom Fields.

  1. Navigate to omniCustomers \ Settings.
  2. Select Customers section.
  3. Under Custom Fields click Add to configure flexible customer fields.

Custom Field Details

For a custom field details enter required information:

  1. Enter Custom Field Name to serve as a label.
  2. Name will be converted into the Key, which is optional.
  3. Select Type for the custom field.
  4. Mark field Private if you want to make sure its available only on Edit screen.
  5. Mark Required to require that field value before data can be saved.
  6. Click Save.

Custom Fields in Action

When customer record is edited or imported, you can add custom field data to the customer record.

Below is example of Member Since custom field in Edit Customer screen.