The Omnibasis platform offers digital identity verification and credential solutions that power organizations around the world with real time ID verification and  Digital ID credentials that are digital and accessible to everyone with a mobile device. Omnibasis omniVerify is Digital ID and service platform with ONE unified solution for all your Digital ID needs with a fast, convenient, and secure identity verification.

Increase customer conversion

Make it easy for your customers to prove who they are with a seamless customer experience, and the option to verify using the Digital ID app.

Real-time document verification

Verify your customers' identity documents, so that you can be confident you know who you're dealing with in real-time.

Enhanced security, transparency and trust

Help to avoid data breaches using Digital ID’s advanced encryption technology to manage sensitive personal information. Leverage Omnibasis Digital ID's brand trusted for conducting identity services.

Simple and easy integration

Start using Digital ID within a few hours, and benefit from updates without any significant system upgrades. With Omnibasis, you pay no upfront fees and the cost of a transaction is $0.01 or less.

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