To enable ID verification you need to configure a verification workflow.

Navigate to omniVerify \ Configuration and select Create in the top right corner from the action menu.

  1. Navigate to Info section.
  2. Enter verification Name.
  3. Provide optional Description.
  4. If verification to be issued for a limited number of days, enter the Days Valid. New verifications will be set with a date expiration automatically.

Configure Verification

Next, we will configure verification documents and information required from a customer. Navigate to Configure section.

  1. Select Storage Provider if you want to change a default storage location for uploaded documents. Learn more about Storage Providers.
  2. Turn on Verification Require approval if you want to approve every verification before it is set to Verified.
  3. Turn on Require expert approval if you want Omnibasis experts to approve all verifications. Learn more about expert approval.
  4. If you want customer to sign verification, select Signature is required.
  5. If you want customer to take a selfie of their face with a device camera, like mobile device or their computer, select Face is required.
  6. Select Document 1 to configure requirements for identity verification with the first document. You can request up to 3 documents to be provided by the customer.
    1. Given an optional Name for a document. For example, Driver's License.
    2. Select if Document 1 is required. If option is selected, customer cannot submit verification unless a document is provided.
    3. Select Allow Use Camera if you want to allow customer to take a picture of the document.
    4. Select Use optical character recognition (OCR) if you want computer vision service to read all text on the document provided. Omnibasis is integrated with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision for OCR. Learn more about optical character recognition (OCR).
    5. Select Use face recognition to validate identity if you want face recognition service to validate a face on the document to the face provided by a customer with a camera. Note: if face is not provided, this option is not available. Omnibasis is integrated with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision for face recognition. 
    6. Set the Confidence level you want to use. If you do not require approval for a verification and confidence level will be met or exceeded, this document will be approved automatically. Learn more about Confidence level.
  7. If you need additional document uploaded for verification, select Document 2 and Document 3 and configure options as described for Document 1.