Navigate to omniVerify \ Configuration and select verification you want to manage.

Navigate to Workflow section to configure verification workflow and what happens after the verification is submitted.

  1. Select Consent if any you want customer to agree to when new verification is created. Learn more about Collecting Customer Consent.
  2. You can allow customer anonymously to request ID verification. If you want customer to be able to edit or view verification later, select Use email to request or edit Verification. Otherwise customer has to use a link configured on the verification or bookmark the View link. If you connect verification to user registration, customer can manage their verification under Profile section.
  3. To configure email notifications on a new verification submission, enter a list of emails in Notify about new data to this email.
  4. To configure SMS or Text notifications on a new verification submission, enter a list of phone numbers in Notify phone number.
  5. To display a message to a customer after submission, enter message under Display this message after submission.
  6. You can redirect customer to the specific URL, enter Redirect link.
  7. If you want, you can redirect customer to the specific page on your site, select page in Redirect to this page after submission
  8. If you want to send customer a specific message on submission, select that Message.
  9. If you want to kick off a specific message campaign, select that Campaign.