You can use Omnibasis to configure how your customer will interact content.  Use Allow / Do not allow feature to fine tune your customer experience for all content on your site.

Navigate to omniContent \ Settings. 

  1. Select Security section.
  2. User can subscribe to content - enable user to bookmark this content.
  3. User can opt-in for new content notifications - send email notification to customers when new content available automatically.
  4. User must be a member to get access- require users to create an account and join content membership to access content. 
    1. You can Require approval of new members.
    2. You can Show members - a list of members who subscribed to content will be visible with their usernames. 
  5. Allow user to create- user will be able to create content. 
    1. Allow anonymous submission - user will be able to submit new content without user account.
    2. Submit on the same page as a view - user will be able to submit new content in a simple form on the same page as content viewing.
    3. Require approval of new content - all new content submission will require approval before it is visible.
  6. Allow user to update - user will be able to update content they created.
  7. Allow user to delete - user will be able to delete content they created.
  8. Allow user to transfer - user will be able to transfer content ownership they created.