Wallet Pass Design

Create and manage your customers loyalty card, special offers, gift cards, or tickets on their phones.

Companion Application Info
Google Wallet Pass allows you to add optional information.  If included, the application info will be presented on a customer device. There are three ty...
Fri, 6 Mar, 2020 at 9:45 AM
How to prevent field change notifications
Apple Wallet notifies customers when Mobile Wallet Pass field is changed with a notification popup if user enabled Notifications on the phone. To disabl...
Tue, 24 Mar, 2020 at 5:14 PM
How to Disable Expiration Notification for Google Wallet
Google wallet allows you to disable expiration notification.  If this feature is enabled, regardless of the messages defined, expiration notifications t...
Sat, 7 Mar, 2020 at 11:42 AM
Share Mobile Pass
Boost your viral presence and customer acquisition rates by encouraging customers to invite their friends to install your mobile wallet pass and then track ...
Sat, 23 May, 2020 at 4:41 PM
Allow Customer to Customize Barcode
omniPass allows you set up a new pass creation where customer chooses a barcode, for example, their phone number. If none provided, default rules for barcod...
Tue, 18 Aug, 2020 at 9:36 AM
Allow Customers To Upload Image
omniPass allows you to design a mobile wallet pass where customer or administrator can upload or change a unique picture on every pass. For example, you wan...
Tue, 18 Aug, 2020 at 9:47 AM