Omnibasis is a business management solution to run your sales, marketing, commerce, and operations powered by Blockchain technology

Meet operating system for your business. Connect, manage and automate business processes across your organization.

We are here to help you to grow your business. Omnibasis  is the operating system for your business powered by the Blockchain technology.

Based on your use of Omnibasis, select your use case at and click 'Register New Business'

Watch How To Sign Up for Omnibasis Business Account Video Tutorial

If you have an existing account, please use our central login page at

To register your business you need to create your FREE business admin account. Use the link above get started.


Choose your business subdomain

It is you business unique ID on Omnibasis, will produce vanity URL which you can use to login into your site from anywhere. Do not worry, you can always point your site URL later. Learn how to use your own website address on Omnibasis with FREE SSL certificate.

Account settings

Under account settings fill in your contact information. It will used to create 'admin' user for your business on Omnibasis.

Consent to terms and condition

We use our own omniTrust consent management system to track your consent and permissions. This is your first exposure. Once you account is created, you can always manage your consent and see it recorded on Blockchain at My Account \ My Data Privacy \ My Consents.

Verify your email address

Verification link will be sent you upon creation of your account. Please go to your email and verify it in order to login into your site on Omnibasis. If you did not get email, please check your spam folder or that your correctly entered email address. 

Registration issues

If you run into any difficulties with registering your business, please contact support.