If you have a custom domain, you can personalize your omniSite’s website address.

You can point your own domain address to Omnibasis and request FREE SSL certificate for your domain.

There a number of steps:

  1. Enter and verify your customer domain.
  2. Once your domain is verified you can request FREE SSL certificate.
  3. SSL Certificate will be provisioned for your custom domain and configured on omnibasis platform.
  4. Optionally redirect default site address to custom site address.
  5. Optionally setup HTTPS redirect to your domain.

Note: if you run into the any issues above, you will be informed of what is the issue with configuration.

Enter and verify your customer domain

In this step you will setup CNAME record in your DNS configuration to point your customer site address to host.on.omnibasis.com

  1. Navigate to 'omniSite \ Settings'.
  2. Scroll to 'Custom site address' options section.
  3. Type the URL of the domain you've want to configure under 'Custom site address'.
  4. Go to the website where you bought your domain. Find the DNS (Domain Name System) in the control panel.
  5. Click to create a new record. 
  6. Here is an example from Amazon AWS Route53 interface.
  7. Under "Name, Label or Host," type the subdomain you entered in the previous step. For example, if you want to redirect www.yoursitename.com, type in "www".
  8. Under "Type" choose CNAME or Canonical Name. 
  9. Under "Destination, Target, Value or Points to" type "host.on.omnibasis.com" without quotes.
  10. Click 'Save or Create'.
  11. Return on Omnibasis platform, and click 'Verify'. You might need to wait anywhere from a few minutes to hours for your DNS settings to activate. It might take up to 24 hours.
  12. Your can choose to redirect <your_subdomain_name>.on.omnibasis.com address to your custom domain configure above. Simple select "Redirect default site address".

Request FREE SSL certificate


Once your site is verified, you can request FREE SSL certificate.

Click 'Request FREE SSL certificate' to request new SSL certificate. It will be valid for 90 days and will auto renew a week before an expiration. You have nothing to worry about, we take care of it for you.

Validate SSL Certificate status

Once your request FREE SSL certificate, it might take a a minute or two to process your request. Once your request is completed, you will see the status set to 'Completed'. 

If status is 'Invalid' it means that something went wrong and you will be informed about the issue with the message below the status.

Note: we send you email update with a status of your SSL certificate.

Redirect default site address to custom site address

If you want always to redirect to your website,turn on 'Redirect default site address to custom site address'. Anytime visitor navigates to <yoursitename>.on.omnibasis.com instead of your direct site address, visit will be redirected to your custom site address.

You can always force to login via hosted site by navigating to https://<yoursitename>.on.omnibasis.com/account/login

HTTPS Redirect

Omnibasis always serves your application on Omnibasis via HTTPS. You can use 'HTTPS redirect' option to turn it off.

Note: if you turn off 'HTTPS Redirect' off, visitors to your application on Omnibasis will see note in the browser that site 'Not secure'.

Learn more about HTTPS Redirect feature.