Most of Omnibasis APIs are secured with accessToken and user role.  

Read Token Based Authentication to learn how to obtain accessToken.

User roles can be configured under omniCustomers \ Roles

Once we have accessToken, we can use it to call any authorized actions. All Omnibasis APIs  are available to be used remotely. For example, we can use the User service to get a list of users:

Step 1: Configure location link and method

Use POST method and API call below.  

Use this link to access via API explorer:

Step 2: Configure default call headers

TIP: User presets to create header shortcuts. 

Step 3: Configure call body

You can use this sample body:

  "filter": "",
  "status": 1,
  "permission": "",
  "role": null,
  "permissionId": "",
  "consentId": "",
  "loyaltyProgramId": "",
  "loyaltyLevelId": "",
  "organizationUnitId": null,
  "organizationUnitIds": [],
  "preferenceAudienceId": "",
  "preferenceAudienceIds": [],
  "excludeOrganizationUnitId": null,
  "excludePreferenceAudienceId": "",
  "onlyLockedUsers": false,
  "sorting": "id",
  "maxResultCount": 1000,
  "skipCount": 0

Step 4: Complete call

In our example we sent a POST request to with added Authorization to the header as "Bearer <accessToken>" and Body with filters. 

Returning JSON contains the list of users.

Note: You can explore and test all Omnibasis API with Omnibasis API Explorer.