You can have one or several loyalty programs. For example, frequent purchasers or loyal customers. 

Loyalty cards are digital, you can always print a physical card for the customer if you wish.

To edit or create a new loyalty program, navigate to omniLoyalty \ Loyalty Setup \ Loyalty Programs.

  1. Select Create from action menu at the top right corner to create a new loyalty program.
  2. Select Manage from option menu next to manage existing program configuration.

Configure Loyalty Program

Navigate to Configure section you can setup various details about the loyalty program. 

  1. Our program Status is set to active.
  2. Give it a descriptive Name.
  3. Provide a detailed Description, that can be used to describe details of your loyalty program to customers.
  4. If you like, you can override description with a link to an existing page in Link to description field.
  5. Select a picture, if any that will be displayed on loyalty cards.
  6. If the program has a start and an end date, enter it here.
  7. Choose what Currency do use with your loyalty program. If you use multiple currencies, we recommend you to setup a digital currency or separate loyalty program per currency. Learn more about currency management and digital currency with omniLedger product from Omnibasis.
  8. Specify Loyalty card ID length. The minimum card number length is 5 and may contain letters and numbers. You can limit only to numbers. The maximum length is 16. To calculate a number of possible combination use this formula: 36 power N divided by N factorial, where N is the card length.
  9. If you want to use only numbers for ID, select  Use only numbers for loyalty programs card.
  10. If you want admin to approve new loyalty cards before they become active, select Require approval of new loyalty card.
  11. Use Consent to configure user consent required when new card is created.

Configure Pages

Navigate to Pages to configure loyalty program interaction with customer. If you do not define any pages, default pages will be used.

  1. Select Display on Page, where loyalty program information will be displayed.
  2. Select Submit on Page, where new loyalty program cards will be created.

Configure Loyalty Program Permissions

Navigate to Permission section and select User Roles that is required to create or edit loyalty cards. For example, Admin role is required to submit a new loyalty card. Learn how to manage User Roles.

  • With Password, visitors will be asked to enter this password in order to create and edit new loyalty card.
  • With Permission roles set, visitors will need to sign up or sign in to create and edit new loyalty card  and be a member of the selected roles. Select the roles required with a toggle.
  • Configure Security options, which allows users to create, update, delete or transfer loyalty cards.  Otherwise user with proper App Permissions is required to manage loyalty cards.


If you want your customer to share your loyalty program with others, you can turn share options.

Loyalty Card Workflow

Navigate to Workflow section to configure what happens when new loyalty card is created by customer.

  1. You can allow customer anonymously to create card. If you want customer to be able to edit and view cards later, select Use email to request and edit loyalty cards. 
  2. To configure email notifications on a new card submission, enter a list of emails in Notify about new data to this email.
  3. To configure SMS or Text notifications on a new card submission, enter a list of phone numbers in Notify phone number.
  4. To display a message to customer after submission, enter messages under Display this message after submission.
  5. You can redirect customer to the specific URL, enter Redirect link.
  6. You redirect customer to the specific page on your site, select page in Redirect to this page after submission
  7. If you want to send customer a specific message on submission, select that Message.
  8. If you want to kick off a specific message campaign, select that Campaign.

Mobile Wallet Pass Integration

Engage your customers — anytime, anywhere. With omniPass digital wallets solution you can integrate your loyalty program on any mobile device and enables you to connect with your customers wherever they are.

omniPass mobile wallets offer a highly-effective way for communications and create personalized marketing and loyalty experiences your customers will love.

  1. Select Digital Pass Definition you want to use for your mobile wallet.
  2. Map the loyalty card fields to digital pass fields. When card is updated, for example Loyalty Card point balance, omniPass will automatically update a mobile wallet and will notify your customer.

Loyalty Program on Blockchain

You can connect your loyalty program transactions to Blockchain to track all rewards on blockchain.

Navigate to Blockchain section.

  1. Turn on Use Blockchain network to verify and store transactions.
  2. Select Blockchain network or use default.
  3. Encrypt data - turn on to encrypt all stored data.
  4. Optionally you can require user to use paraphrase for Blockchain transactions.