Create your consent and privacy notice

Use our consent and privacy creator to create, distribute and collect your customer consents. You can use your own branded site hosted on Omnibasis or embed into your own with Omnibasis APIs.

Provide with access to personal information

With omniTrust, the users have one place to access, correct and delete their information.

Manage the rights to be forgotten

Users have a convenient way to ask you to delete all collected information. In one place you can delete user personal data while retaining necessary information if your business is required to keep it.

Right to know about data breach

By laws your business is required to report data breaches to affected users with 72 hours. omniTrust makes it easy for you to communicate to the users affected and take the appropriate action to safeguard their data.

Security and privacy by design

omniTrust helps your business to collect and store the minimum information possible and encrypt sensitive data with the power of distributed blockchain technology.

Get in compliance with omniTrust today.