Navigate to omniForms \ Forms Designer and click Create Form in action menu to create a new form.

Navigate to Form Info

  1. Give a form a friendly Name.
  2. Choose how you want to Display it, as a form or as a wizard.
  3. Give it optional Description.
  4. If you want to link form data records, select Enable parent and child records linking.
  5. If you want to cross link data from different forms, select Enable parent and child records linking across different types and definitions.
  6. Use Labels to categorize forms. Labels help you to group and search. You can have more than one label. Type a new label and press enter.
  7. Choose Mark as template to mark this form as a template if you want to build other forms using this form in the future.

Design Form

Select Design section to start building fields of your form. You can find a numerous field options to build out the form. Just drag and drop the field on the form.


Select Preview section to see and test your form.

Form Permissions

Navigate to Permissions section to secure your form. You can secure your form with password and/or permission roles.

  • With Password, visitors will be asked to enter this password in order to view and submit this form.
  • With Permission roles set, visitors will need to sign up or sign in to view and submit this form and be a member of the selected roles. Select the roles required with a toggle.
  • Configure form data Security options, which allows users to create, update, delete or transfer record.
  • If you use form data linking, you can turn on ability of the data owner to navigate across linked records. Select Allow owner to navigate parent and child record linking.


If you want your customer to share you form with others, you can turn share options. For example, you built a survey and want as many responses as possible. Learn more about form sharing.

Form Data Collection

Navigate to Form Data section to configure how you collect the data. 

  1. Select Encrypt data if you want the form data to be encrypted in the database.
  2. If you want user to specify the quantity of something on your form, select Allow to enter the quantity. The default quantity is one. It is useful in cases where the form my be an order form.

Form Workflow

Navigate to Workflow section to configure form workflow and what happens after the form is submitted.

  1. You can allow customer anonymously to submit forms. If you want customer to be able to edit and view submission later, select Require email address to submit
  2. Select Create a customer record with form submission if you want customer email to be used to create a customer record and connected to omniCustomer solution. 
  3. To configure email notifications on a new record submission, enter a list of emails in Notify about new data to this email.
  4. To configure SMS or Text notifications on a new record submission, enter a list of phone numbers in Notify phone number.
  5. To display a message to user after submission, enter messages under Display this message after submission.
  6. You can redirect user to the specific URL, enter Redirect link.
  7. You redirect user to the specific page on your site, select page in Redirect to this page after submission
  8. If you want to send user a specific message on submission, select that Message.
  9. If you want to kick off a specific message campaign, select that Campaign.
  10. To notify user about record transfer ownership, select Use email to notify user about a transfer. You can select transfer Message or Transfer Campaign. Learn more about Record Transfer.

Mobile Wallet Pass 

Navigate to omniPass to configure mobile wallet integration.

Mobilize your forms and surveys. Deliver your forms and surveys updates with Mobile Wallet. Power up your Forms and Surveys on your customer Mobile phone with personalized updates and messages just in time, based on their location, time of day and more.

  1. Select Wallet Pass Design to use.
  2. Map Wallet Pass fields with fields on the pass design.

Once form is submitted, customer will be prompted to install mobile wallet pass to keep track with updates.