To configure your omniCommerce default settings, navigate to omniCommerce \ Commerce Settings\ Settings.


  • To check for an existing shopping cart for user, enable Check for user shopping cart when site is loaded
  • To accept Giftcards, Enable Giftcards -option is enabled automatically if you create gift card.
  • To sell Digital Downloads, Enable Digital Downloads - option is enabled automatically if you create digital download.

Payment Methods

  • To accept credit cards, select Enable credit card as a payment method
  • To accept bank accounts, select  Enable bank account as a payment method


  • To verify address for the customer when order is created with address database provided by third party, select Verify customer address on all orders when created. 

Note: account integration is required. Learn more.


Use this section to control what options customers have when they navigate your store.


Use this section to configure reviews for your store.


Use this section to configure default sharing options for your store. You can always override it on the product for each product.

Orders Settings and Custom Fields

You can configure order specific settings and custom fields. Navigate to Orders section.

  1. If you reminders sent to a customer and you for orders due, select Send order payment reminders while order is due.
  2. If you want customer to be able to return without contacting you, select Allow customers to initiate return.
  3. Configure Custom Fields that will appear on order.

Products Setting

Navigate to Products section to manage custom fields for all products. Those fields will be available for data entry and will be displayed on product details page.