If your configured a checkout workflow page, it will be used to navigate customer through a checkout process. Otherwise a default checkout workflow will be used.

Learn about managing checkout workflow.

  1. Customer selects 'Checkout' on the cart page to continue. 
  2. If anonymous checkout is allowed, customer is redirected to the next steps, otherwise customer is given a choice to create a new account or login into your website.

Contact Information

If configured, a customer will be asked to enter contact information, like billing address and shipping address.

Customer can select an existing address or create new

Order Payment

Customer can select an existing payment method if logged in with an account or create a new one. If Customer is anonymous, payment information will be collected at this step.

Add Payment Method

Your store can accept multiple payment methods based on the Payment Gateway Configuration.

Payment Verification

Before payment is applied, customer is asked to confirm. 

Order Invoice

Based on workflow configuration, customer is communicated with a message and presented with order invoice, which can be printed or downloaded.