Navigate to customer list at 'omniCustomers \ Customers'.

Navigate to users list at 'omniCustomers \ Users'.

Click options drop down and select 'Manage' to manage the customer.

Customer Notes

Select 'Notes' section to see a list of customer notes or a new one. 

Click 'Create new note' to create a note.

Create Note

  1. If you want to a use a predefined message to communicate with customer, select that message.
  2. Select 'Send note via email' to send this note via email when created.
  3. Select 'Create notification' to create customer notification.
  4. Enter note subject if any.
  5. Fill in any detailed description of the note itself.
  6. Use 'Labels' to group notes.
  7. If you want to share the note with a customer, select 'Note will be shared with a customer'.
  8. Set yourself reminder, a notification will be generated. It is useful if you use a customer note to track your own tasks and activities for that customer. You can always configure to receive emails with every notification as well.