Use Settings to configure a default Email and SMS Settings.

Navigate to 'omniMarketer \ Settings' to manage email and SMS settings across your apps.

You can use Omnibasis SMTP services or setup your own. We use AWS messaging service that we pay for to guarantee email delivery.  

  1. Override default from email address and display name here.
  2. You can setup your own SMTP gateway here. 
  3. You can change the default email template by adding your own header and footer, and completely replace email template.

Note: Want to test your configuration and email template, click 'Send Test Email' to receive test email  in your inbox. If you did not get test email, your SMTP service might not be configure correctly.

Email Data Tags

Omnibasis offers system data tags to help you customize email content. System data tags refer to the data in your Omnibasis account.

System data tags can be used to include social sharing links, content feed links, and account information, or to translate your message. System data tags are also used to add unsubscribe, update profile, and forward links to your message.

Each time you send a message that uses data tags, the most recent data from your account is queried to replace the data tag. Use a Data Tag Quick Reference for available Omnibasis data tags, including data tags for personalization, social sharing, and subject lines. If you do not see a data tag you need, drop us a note and we will added it for our next update.