GoCardless   is an online direct debit provider based in the UK. With GoCardless you can accept direct debit payments from your customers in

BACS, SEPA, BECS and Autogiro are networks of financial institutions (like ACH in the US) - each conveniently processing payments directly from one bank account to another in a particular country or group of countries (the UK, Europe, Australia and Sweden respectively).

Creating a merchant account with GoCardless automatically registers you on the BACS network. However you will have reach out to GoCardless support to help you register for SEPA and accept payments from European customers using GoCardless.

Understanding Payments via GoCardless

When a customer initiates a direct debit payment, an instruction is sent to their bank to allow an authorised third party (your business, in this example) to collect a certain amount of money from their account.

We will review the process from your perspective - everything from how your customer can authorise collection of funds from the bank account to how the GoCardless-Omnibasis integration can make things more simple.


If you are using GoCardless then your customer authorizes your withdrawal of funds from their account using a Direct Debit Mandate.

GoCardless generates a mandate for a particular customer during the checkout process. The funds will be withdrawn from the account after the mandate is verified; the entire process takes a minimum of three and a maximum of five days.


Configuring GoCardless Payments in Omnibasis

  1. Configure your GoCardless account with Omnibasis.
  2. Enable ACH Payments as an option for E-Commerce:
    • Navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Settings'.
    • Select 'Enable bank account as a payment method'.

Customer Bank Account Information

When customers choose to pay via Bank Card, they will have to provide their bank account information.

The following information is captured as part of an GoCardless transaction:

  • Customer's Name as per Account
  • Name of the Bank
  • IBAN Account Number

After customers accept the authorization agreement a bank account is added.

The GoCardless Payment workflow with Omnibasis

After customers confirm their payment with a Bank Card, the order information is sent to Stripe

When the transaction is accepted, the payment is marked as pending. 

After the funds are transferred from the customer's bank account and the payment is received, the transaction is marked as Completed.

If the payment fails, due to some errors such as insufficient funds, the transaction is marked as Declined and payment must be retried or collected using an alternate method.

Credit Card Payments vs GoCardless payments

With credit card payments the authorization and transfer of funds happens immediately.

With SEPA payments, the authorization and transfer process has a waiting period up to 5 business days.

Testing GoCardless Payments

You can use the following accounts to test your payment in sandbox mode.

  • In the UK, use the sort code 200000 and the account number 55779911
  • In Sweden, use the clearingnummer (branch code) 5491, the kontonummer (account number) 0000003 and the personnummer (Swedish identity number) 198112289874
  • In Denmark, use the registreringsnummer (bank code) 345, the kontonummer (account number) 3179681 and the CPR-nummer (Danish identity number) 0101701234
  • In Australia, use the BSB 082-082 and the account number 012345678
  • In New Zealand, use the bank code 12, branch code 3113 and the account number 0003869-00
  • In Canada, use the bank code (Financial Institution number) 0003, branch code (Branch Transit number) 00006 and the account number 0000000
  • In United States of America, use the bank code 026073150, account number 2715500356 and the account type checking
  • Everywhere else, use the French IBAN FR1420041010050500013M02606