When you connect Omnibasis with Walmart, you can take advantage of all order management and fulfilment functions on Omnibasis.

Automatically Import New Orders

New orders on Walmart important automatically if your turn on auto synching in Commerce Channel Provider configuration

You can find auto imported orders navigating to  'omniCommerce \ Manage Orders \ Orders'.

Manually Import New Order

Navigate to  'omniCommerce \ Commerce Channels \ Orders' to browse order on Walmart. 

1. To see all orders, select Status All and click
Search icon .

2. To see orders with specific status, select Status and click search icon.  For new orders on Walmart, select Pending status. 

3. Walmart API does not provide order status. The only way to pull orders by status is via search.

4. Open dropdown option next to the order and select Create new order. Walmart order will be imported with the following rules:

  • Existing order with purchase order number will be looked up, if none found, a new order is created.
  • Customer record by customer email will be looked up, if none found a new customer record is created.
  • Customer address by first address line will be looked up, if none found a new customer address is created.
  • Existing product with product SKU or Identifier will be looked up, if none found a product info will be imported for the order. New products are not created when order is imported. If product is found, the product pricing will be looked up by currency and amount.