Navigate to  'omniCommerce \ Manage Orders \ Orders' and click Manage next to the order you want to manage.


Create Order Return

If no order returns started, click Create new return button at the top right corner. If returns already exist, navigate to Order Returns section.

  1. Click Create new return to create new order return.
  2. Once return is created you will be redirected to manage the return.
  3. Select default Shipping Location. If none is created, you need to define a shipping location to auto generate labels.
  4. Select shipping package if any,

Return Products

Navigate to Products section to maneg what products are returned and quantity returned.

Purchasing Shipping

Navigate to Shipping section to manage return shipping if you want to create a return shipping label for the customer.

If you have pre-configured Shipping providers like you can auto generate labels. Learn more about Shipping Providers

  1. Select Ship Via Carrier to load the list of shipping rates available for this package.
  2. Click Buy now to purchase selected shipping rate. Shipping rate will be purchased and shipping label will be generated.

Update Shipping Information

Once your purchase the shipping and it is integrated with Easypost, the shipping information status will be update automatically. 

  1. Click Delivered or Lost to update shipping status with shipping details.
  2. Click Shipping Label link to get a label which you can print for shipment.

Update Quantity Returned

When you receive the return back, you can update quantity returned by navigating back to Products section and entering quantity returned next to the button Returned. Press Returned to record the quantity returned.


Order Returns

At anytime, you can return to order and select Order Returns section to see order returns for this order.  You can also find order returns under 'omniCommerce \ Manage Orders \ Order Returns'.