There are number of ways to create or edit the pass in your application on Omnibasis.

  1. The new pass  request can be embedded on any the pages on your site.  Learn more about Site Pages.
  2. If you allow users to request new passes, user can navigate to My Account \ My Wallet Passes to submit request with click Create new pass. Note: this feature is not available till you create a new wallet pass design.
  3. Passes can be created and edited by Pass admin, navigate to omniPass \ Wallet Passes and click Create new pass.
  4. New passes can be created from a referral link distributed by your customers or you.

Note: please make sure Allow user to create selected in Permission section of Digital Pass Definition to enable user ability to create passes.

Creating New Wallet Pass

Based on your wallet pass definition, user or admin will be presented with a fields to fill in. Fields can be marked for admin only to hide them from user.

  1. User fills in fields. Fields can be marked required.
  2. Click Create to create a new pass.
  3. Based on mobile wallet pass workflow, user will be redirected to the next screen to view the pass or downloaded. 

Editing Wallet Pass

Note: for user to update their pass, please make sure Allow user update is selected in Security section of Wallet Pass Definition under Permissions.

Digital pass can be editing a number of ways:

  1. From a link from the back of the pass if configured by fields.
  2. From a link in email, if email is provided and user received email confirmation.
  3. From a pass view, if editing is allowed.

Click Update to edit the pass if allowed.