A Gift Card is a like a ‘Product' for which get paid upfront and is used to pay for orders in the future. It contains all the related pricing rules, specific promotions rules, and any media like images, videos, documents associated with the product.

Each Gift Card must have at least one Pricing Rule to define the base cost. To create different card value purchases, add  pricing for each card amount, like $75, $150, $200.

To create a gift card product navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Products' and click Create new product

  1. Enter a Name and a Short description about the product.
  2. Optionally you can configure other product identifications, like SKU, Brand, unique identifier.
  3. Use Labels to help you group the product by different labels and search for products in your store.
  4. Product Media Files- Upload one or more images, videos, etc. These are shown on the product page of your online store.
  5. Next step is to configure Gift Card Pricing Rules.