You can use booking reviews to collect customer feedback and star ratings.

Note: when review is left for a booking, the same review once approved and published will be published for a resource.

By default user ratings are enabled on all resources. 

Here you can override default omniBooking settings.  

  1. Depending on your configuration, customer will be asked to login to leave a booking rating.  In addition, if resource was booking by a customer, "Verified customer" badge will be displayed next to the review.
  2. You can setup a process for review approval where resource owner will get an email or text to confirm the review.
  3. Navigate to Manage booking and select Reviews section to see a list of reviews.

Write a review

To write a review, navigate to Reviews section and click Write review.

  1. Enter review headline and details. Do not forget to give your rating. 
  2. Customer can upload pictures or videos with each review.
  3. Click Save to submit the review.